It Takes Two – Monday 18th October

I never got a chance to watch any It Takes Two last week so I thought I better watch this week.

On Monday’s episode will be Paul & Ola; Craig Revel-Horwood; Peter & Erin; Pamela & James.

First up a VT showing the celebs and pros arriving at the studio for rehearsals and talking to the cameras.  We meet Jared’s family who have come all the way from Utah to see Jared & Tina, only for Tina to have chicken pox!

Then it’s time for Paul & Ola…well Ola anyway as Paul is apparently in Manchester for a show so will be joining on the phone.  Ola discussed with Paul before she choreographed the Rumba and they agreed that not making it a sexy dance was probably the best route.  Ola performs a magic trick, which needs a little work in her performance and then it’s time for Paul to join on the phone.  He reveals he’s busy in the coming weeks so this was actually the best outcome for him and then he has to ‘watch’ his highlights over a phone line.

Len is then treated to a VT showing him as a little cranky from Saturday night before Craig is brought on (unshaven and not looking tip-top himself!)  Len also joins on the phone and justifies his scoring (only giving Pamela an 8 due to the floor spin that he felt detracted from the feel of the Rumba, and the same with Matt Baker in his Quickstep).

Craig talks about his 4 for Michelle “That’s all I felt it was worth”.  A major thing being her hip action and shoulders, and agrees with Len’s comment on her heels being too high.  Jimi is in the firing line next, with Craig talking about him over-moving (especially his shoulders).  Craig likes Ann’s progress and can see that she’s applying herself to the dances even if “Technically it’s abysmal”.  He loved Scott’s Quickstep, not as gifted as Matt but with a showbiz pizazz.

Now Claudia is going to talk to Pamela & James.

Pamela confesses that she pushed for the spin at the end after James felt they didn’t need it.  Pamela just felt that she should keep up with the other big moves that other celebs were pulling off, now she thinks she’ll just listen to James in the future.

It’s revealed that their next dance will be the Tango and I look forward to seeing some training footage, Pamela is definitely the one to beat at the moment.

Finally we’re going to see Peter & Erin.

Erin was so happy that her and Peter got through the routine.  Peter felt that Bruno wasn’t quite as constructive, with comments the previous week, as he’d have liked.  Claudia shows, via VT, how much football analogy they use in their training…quite a bit it seems.  They have the Charleston on Saturday, similar to the Quickstep so could be another good one for Peter, though might struggle if they have a lot of time apart.

Erin reveals that she hasn’t covered Charleston before herself, and with two lifts in it it could be an interesting performance!

The episode finishes with the training video of Tina & Jared so that we can see what was unfortunately missed…not too bad but does need to watch her hip action on forward walks – needs to straighten her legs.

Strictly Come Dancing – Sunday 17th October Results

Ok I know it’s a bit late, and most of you already know the results of the show, but I’ll blog about it anyway. 

From watching the show on Saturday night I predicted Michelle would have the lowest audience votes and would be going home, but I also suggested on our Facebook page that Paul Daniels would be the one joining her in the bottom two – I just think Ann will take the votes from Paul.

The show opens with the professionals dancing a Charleston, a high energy and entertaining routine and one which Jared actually starts to look at home performing.  The pattern seems to be that the celebs perform the featured dance the following week which brings the Charleston forward from last year’s end of series.

There’s a recap of Saturday night, along with judges backstage comments and celeb reactions.

I’m not keen on the stretching out of the eliminations, and the lack of a dance-off could seriously backfire as the series progresses, have the producers forgotten that they introduced the dance-off after DJ Spoony was unfortunate to receive an early dismissal belying his potential.

First four safe couples are: Ann & Anton; Pamela & James; Peter & Erin; Patsy & Robin (Patsy looks like she’s about to faint!)

Craig gives Ann advice of literally “Dance, better”.
Len is relieved that he won’t have to show his bum in Tesco now that Peter is not in the bottom two.

Next is Tango Unleashed (choreographed by Flavia and receiving rave reviews on Twitter).  It starts with Flavia in the middle of the floor attached to four straps that are used to drag her round the floor before she’s eventually unhooked and starts dancing with first Vincent, then James, Robin and finally Artem (after Robin throws her over his head into Artem’s arms, impressive to say the least!)  James lifts Flavia up in his arms above his head and throws her into the other three dancer’s arms.

It’s an amazing performing, the furthest from a traditional Tango we’ve ever seen on Strictly, but as a performance it’s great to watch.

A brief chat to the celebs who are safe so far then back to the lineup; next safe are: Jimi & Flavia; Matt & Aliona; Kara & Artem.  First in the bottom two is Paul & Ola.

Alisha offers all of them good luck
Bruno consults his crystal ball, and thinks Jimi overdid his performance, looking forced and preventing his talent coming through.

Claudia then talks to Paul & Ola, Paul agrees with the public’s decision to put him in the bottom two.  He’d rather he went home rather than anyone else in the competition.

Peter Andre then pops up to perform his new single, not quite my thing so I skip through it and then it’s back to find out who else is in the bottom two.  Safe and going forward to next week are: Scott & Natalie; Felicity & Vincent; Gavin & Katya – putting Michelle & Brendan into the bottom two.

A VT then from those in the bottom two as to how much they want to stay in.  Out of the two obviously Paul deserves to go and with a dance-off this would be elementary, but how has the public voted?

The couple leaving this week are Paul & Ola.  A shame for last year’s champion but she wouldn’t have lasted much longer with Paul as a partner.  No offence Paul but you were always going to struggle.

Paul tells Ola she’s welcome round anytime (even if Debbie’s not at home).

So that’s week 2, better move onto my It Takes Two reviews!

Paul Daniels & Ola Jordan – Cha Cha Cha

Out of the starting line-up for tonight I’m afraid Paul has me the most worried, I’m hoping he can prove me wrong, but I doubt it…

Quote of the night – Emma “Ah, he’s not doing awfully”.  I must admit it’s no John Sergeant and for 72 he’s definitely not putting on a bad show.  I do think he’s been brought in for the sympathy vote though.

Not an embarassment but by no means the best Cha Cha tonight.  Lucky to get 5’s I think.

Craig: 2
Len: 5
Alisha: 5
Bruno: 4

Total Score: 16

Strictly Come Dancing – Friday 1st October

So it’s week one of Strictly Come Dancing 2010, I know I’m starting this a bit late but lunch with a friend I haven’t seen in a few years (and the subsequent beers) ran over a little and by the time I’d got back, cooked and, the wife and I had finished dinner the show had already started.

As usual though I’m watching the show and blogging ‘live’ i.e. I’m going to update the posts hopefully before the judges announce their opinions, but I’ll probably still post this first entry as one whole article.

There is one benefit to watching the recorded show, I can fast forward through Alisha’s comments if they prove to be as inane as they were last year!

The BBC tell me that tonight’s show will feature Felicity Kendal, Goldie, Matt Baker, Pamela Stephenson, Patsy Kensit, Paul Daniels, Scott Maslen so not a bad starting line-up.

According to Pamela Stephenson the glitterball is actually made of polystyrene so crystal might be over-exagerating I’m thinking Brucie!
The first couple to perform in 2010 is going to be Felicity Kendal & Vincent Simone and I’ll upload them in a new post.

Strictly Come Dancing Training Clips – Wk 1

So it’s been a week since the couples were announced in the launch show and the BBC have released a few Strictly Come Dancing training videos to wet our appetites.

First up, Michelle Williams & Brendan Cole

Well they certainly look like they’re having fun and I think with a bit of hard work Michelle could produce some exciting dancing – I think Cha Cha Cha will prove to be a good first dance for them.

Next up, Goldie & Kristina Rihanoff

Didn’t really get to see any dancing in this clip, well at least not enough Cha Cha to make a judgement, but I’m concerned that Goldie doesn’t appear to be taking the initial training as seriously as he could do, but time will tell.

The next couple to have a training video released are Matt Baker & Aliona Vilani, one of my tipped celebrities based on the launch show but will I feel the same after seeing their training video?

I still think Matt shows a lot of potential, though his hands concern me a little bit – they’re not masculine enough for my liking at present, a little too bent at the wrist at the moment and I think that’s something Len will pick up on too.

All in all it’s looking pretty good so far though.

Now for some magic from Paul Daniels & Ola Jordan

Apart from being a little freaked out that Paul looks like an older version of my Uncle David, I was impressed with Ola’s methodology for teaching Paul.

Unfortunately I do think Paul has got his work cut out if he wants to survive, a Waltz would’ve been more kind as his first dance!

Our final couple’s training video this week comes from Scott Maslen & Natalie Lowe,

Natalie must be hoping to go one better this year and actually win the competition, but let’s try and get through week one first.

Scott is looking ok at the moment, though I’m not quite sure on the turn-ups! However it is definitely showing some promise.

I for one can’t wait for Strictly Come Dancing to start as I think there are definitely some interesting partnerships ready to develop. I can’t say I’ve developed a favourite yet, it really is too early in their training to call, but is there someone you’re rooting for?