Strictly Come Dancing 2012 – Week 4 “Halloween”

BBC Strictly 2012 Line-up
Forget Strictly Halloween, this is how we roll at Learn To Dance when we have a Halloween Theme, that’s two Zumba outfits and our Halloween Social!

Anyway, back to Strictly and our Thriller of an evening ahead…
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Strictly Come Dancing 2012 – Week 3 “Hollywood”

BBC Strictly 2012 Line-up
Hollywood week and here’s hoping we some some Blockbusters, and I don’t mean with Bob Holness!

Can Richard keep out of the dance-off this week, and will Louis & Denise still be vying for the top spot. Read on to find out.
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Strictly Come Dancing 2012 – Week 2

BBC Strictly 2012 Line-upGreat weekend of teaching in Bournemouth, thanks to Hotel Piccadilly for asking us to host.  Unfortunately our plan to watch the show via iplayer on Saturday night didn’t work as the show was still ‘coming soon’ at 12.30am Sunday morning, so everyone went to bed instead.

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It Takes Two – Tuesday 9th October

Strictly Come Dance - It Takes TwoA few days later than intended, here’s Tuesday’s update!

On Tuesday’s show they featured Sid & Ola, Fern & Artem and Lisa & Robin along with the return of Karen Hardy’s Choreography Corner. Continue reading

Strictly Come Dancing Week 1 Day 2

BBC Strictly 2012 Line-upSo we had a pretty busy weekend of teaching and weren’t able to blog during the second show.  I’ve decided to analyse the second show all in one big entry rather than spamming everyone with 8 separate entries two days after the live show.

Going forward I’ll probably just do a Monday analysis of the weekend show as certainly the whole of October is going to be difficult for me to watch the show live.

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Strictly Training Video analysis

BBC Strictly 2012 Line-upSo Strictly starts in a little while and all the training videos have now been released.

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Strictly Come Dancing 2012 – Premiere

Yes yes I know I haven’t blogged about Strictly, or anything for that matter, in 9 months but I thought it about time to get back into it.

The reveal show took place almost two weeks ago and although I watched it at the time, this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and pencil in my thoughts on the pairings and what I expect from this year’s show. Continue reading

Robbie Savage & Ola Jordan – Foxtrot

Almost a stumble at the beginning but other than that quite a good start.  Shame that it actually loses it a bit once they go into hold.

His eyeline’s just a little too high, which a lot of the guys suffer from in the Ballroom, but he’s definitely putting a lot into the performance.

It was still a little bit flat footed and he needs to make sure he brushes one leg past the other but otherwise a very impressive performance…think I might give this a 7!

Craig: 7 “Head placement needs sorting out…got to say that was showbiz…I loved it”
Len: 8 “You little beauty…the more you give, the more marks you get…you’re going to get plenty”
Alesha: 7 “It’s really good to see you smiling and enjoying yourself…keep going”
Bruno: 7 “Slick, confident, debonair, what a transformation”

Total Score: 29

Robbie Savage & Ola Jordan – Cha Cha Cha

Robbie looked to struggle with the Cha Cha in training and a hoodie outfit doesn’t fill me with the greatest of confidence…surely that should have been in Audley’s outfit?!

It’s started more like a Paso Doble than a Cha Cha and like a lot of Ola’s routines seems to consist of the guy standing there whilst she dances around him, but I can’t blame her.

Needs to make is Cha Cha action smaller and not stomp quite so much.  Didn’t really feel like a ‘cheeky’ Cha Cha and probably just a 5 for me.


Craig: 2 “All about a look…absolutely no dancing…standing there with Ola dancing round you isn’t what I’d call a Cha Cha Cha”
Len: 6 “was a tendency for you to stand there…came out with plenty of attack”
Alesha: 6 “‘A’ for effort…lot of room for potential growth”
Bruno: 5 “Robbie, you savage…left the Cha Cha completely ravaged…got to put the dancing in”

Total Score: 19