Both couple’s Lindyhop

Out of the two of them I’d say in advance that Chris could well outperform Ricky in this dance – on a personality basis anyway!

Little stumble at the start from Ricky there. Chris does need to keep his head up though.

However Ricky can definitely lift Natalie easily over his head…up until that spin over the head.

Is it my imagination though or are Ricky and Natalie having more individual dance moments in the choreography?

An entertaining routine, shame Ricky very nearly had a disastrous drop.

It’s difficult to compare between the two as Ricky and Natalie’s routine appeared to have more content to it, and Chris did have the odd timing issue.

I’d give Chris and 8 and Ricky a 9 (though I might have to go back and count the on-screen couple-solos for both of them)!