Strictly Come Dancing 2012 – The Final!

BBC Strictly 2012 Line-up
So it’s that time of year again, the Strictly Come Dancing final, will we see more 40s tonight and if so will it come from someone other than Kimberley? Continue reading

Strictly Come Dancing 2011 FINAL

So the last few months have been fairly hectic for us, apologies therefore that I’ve not been blogging about the last few weeks.

Right back at the launch show I predicted that Harry & Chelsee could both do really well, but never gave a thought to Jason – two out of three isn’t bad though! Continue reading

Kara Tointon & Artem Chigvintsev – American Smooth

Kara has a dodgy arm, and Artem probably still a dodgy neck, it’s going to be an interesting American Smooth!

I can see now what Emma saw in her arms earlier, she’s doing extremely well to keep smiling.  It’s going really well but then it’s head down just before the standing slide and a very shaky section.

A true professional to keep going but unfortunately not perfect, just a 9.

Craig: 10 “I would kill to be able to dance like that”
Len: 7 “Hint of Tango, bit of Foxtrot…unfortunately should be a certain amount in hold…think your dancing is brilliant”
Alisha: 10 “You have been a delight…I think you are a beautiful woman…together you are first class”
Bruno: 10 “Whatever happens, this was an inspired performance…blend of what you did in this dance was incredible”

Total Score: 37

Matt Baker & Aliona Vilani – Viennese Waltz

I wasn’t entirely sold on this first time round, if I remember correctly (haven’t time to go back and look).  Shoulder line loses it a little bit, and it’s a bit too clipped at times.  Can’t quite tell if they miss a hand at the end or not.

Another good performance, but not perfect, just a 9.

Craig: 9 “Thank you darling for those thumbs, gorgeous, unlike your head placement”
Len: 9 “Excellent ballroom dancer…little pickle with your fleckerl”
Alisha: 10 “A beautiful performance…impressive from the very beginning”
Bruno: 9 “Dashing, elegant…very nice Waltz.”

Total Score: 37

Kara Tointon & Artem Chigvintsev – Waltz

I still wish Kara would keep her head up during spins, she always looks off balance, and this is a very shaky start, there doesn’t appear to be any confidence there.  She keeps dropping her head.

As Emma puts it, there’s just something not quite right there, she injured her arm in the Show Dance and Emma can see she’s just throwing the arm out rather than placing it.  The look on Artem’s face at the end suggests things were not quite to plan and Kara was obviously dancing through the pain.

I didn’t enjoy the performance like I thought I would, and actually think I can only give it an 8.

Craig: 9 “An occasional wobble…missing most, if not all of your heel leads…spot the floor [during turns] which is a no-no”
Len: 9 “Such musicality when you dance…truly lovely to watch…few foot things”
Alisha: 10 “Constantly pushing yourself…so relaxed and at ease watching you dance”
Bruno: 10 “It’s quality, quality of movement…a pleasure to watch.”

Total Score: 38

A bit too high if you ask me.

Matt Baker & Aliona Vilani – Paso Doble

Some nice strong Spanish lines at the start, there’s a bit too much posturing around, even for Paso if you ask me, and the Chasse Capes look a little awkward.  I’m not sure on the rolling hands from Matt during Aliona’s back bend, that’s usually the girls role.

A very good Paso, not perfect so just a 9.

Craig: 9 “Actually I rather liked it…wonderful Flamenco”
Len: 8 “I liked it, but I wasn’t over struck on it…kept getting your chin down…ok but wasn’t fantastic”
Alisha: 9 “I think this dance was made for you…for me a solid performance”
Bruno: 9 “It had the aggressive power, it was flamboyant…lose artistry…good but not brilliant”

Total Score: 35

Strictly Come Dancing Final Part 2, first out – Saturday 18th December

So our third place couple is Pamela Stephenson & James Jordan, can’t say I’m surprised as the voting was unlikely to go with her, but I still think she deserved to win it.

It’s a real shame but you can’t say either of the other two finalists don’t deserve to be in the top two.

So we have two more dances to see before our 2010 winner is announced.  First up (again) Matt Baker & Aliona Vilani.

Strictly Come Dancing Final – Saturday 18th December Leader Board

1. 77 points – Pamela Stephenson & James Jordan
2. 75 points – Kara Tointon & Artem Chigvintsev
3. 72 points – Matt Baker & Aliona Vilani

So Pamela has ended up on top so far, as I predicted, though I think her Show Dance was possibly over marked.  It’s up to the viewers to decide who stays for the final two dances though…who gets your vote?