Christmas Social Friday 12th December

Fun Group Class

Christmas Dance Social 2014



TIME: 8.30PM-11PM
(Tango Workshops from 7.30pm)

PRICE: £6pp
(£5 if you BOOK ONLINE in advance)

Our Christmas Dance Social will take place on Friday 12th December at Burnham Park Hall, Windsor Lane, Burnham, SL1 7HR.

Costumes are highly recommended (and appreciated) or we do ask for a red, white or green theme to your outfit in keeping with the Christmas spirit.  However this is not compulsory.

The evening features a variety of Ballroom and Latin American dances and also has Tango Workshops (two levels – ‘Beginner’ and ‘Improver II + Above’) beforehand at 7.30pm.

New format planned for Strictly Christmas Special this year

So you’re a Strictly Come Dancing producer and you want the really big names for your show, but let’s be honest how many of us could honestly just drop everything and commit up to 3 months of our lives to a dance show?  Well actually I would, it is Strictly after all, but that’s beside the point!

It seems this year that the BBC have decided on a way around this predicament, according to there are plans to have a ‘Mini-Tournament’ for the Christmas Special.  Rather than celebs working and performing for months they are planning on offering 2 weeks of intensive training culminating in a final competition to be aired on Christmas Day.

The BBC feels this will give those celebrities who can’t commit to the full schedule a chance to experience Strictly in a more condensed manner.  Apparently some of the names thought to be featuring could include

Sharon Osbourne, Fern Britton, Peter Andre and Gary Lineker.

It’s an interesting idea but that’s putting a lot of pressure on both the celebs and the professionals.  Training a complete beginner up to Strictly performance standard in 2 weeks is going to be intense and I would be worried about whether this could do more harm than good to the Strictly ‘brand’.  But then I was a little disappointed with last year’s Christmas Special so an injection of new ideas could well be what it needs.

Time will tell whether this works or not.

The moment of truth!

So it’s all down to how the studio audience voted, who’s going out first…(I’ve predicted it to be between Austin & Rachel)

Chris & Ola – unsurprising to be honest as the Foxtrot didn’t really allow Chris’ personality to come across.

Gethin & Flavia – lacking chemistry so again unsurprising.

Ricky & Natalie

Austin & Erin – shame as I really enjoyed their Paso

So it’s between Ali & Rachel for the title…could it be Ali’s retribution for not making it to the final?

Yes it is.

That’s it then, 2009 finishes with Ali Bastian & Brian Fortuna being crowned the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Champions.

I’ll be attending (or hosting) a variety of Strictly events throughout the year so I’ll blog about anything interesting, and I may well blog about So You Think You Can Dance too so watch this space!

How did you vote, and do you agree with the result?


1. 40 points – Ali Bastian & Brian Fortuna
2. 39 points – Rachel Stevens & Vincent Simone
3. 38 points – Gethin Jones & Flavia Cacache
4. 36 points – Ricky Whittle & Natalie Lowe
5. 36 points – Austin Healey & Erin Boag
6. 33 points – Chris Hollins & Ola Jordan

The leaderboard is pretty much correct I’d say, though I didn’t personally enjoy Gethin’s performance as much as say Austin’s.

Will be interesting to see who the audience vote for though!

Chris Hollins & Ola Jordan – Foxtrot

Chris really stepped it up in the final last week and delivered an almost perfect Foxtrot, can he improve on that tonight?

Looks to me like there has been some work on the hands, but really should be smiling throughout. Shame about the mistake in the middle.

Ola knows how much the audience like the pivots, so much so that she includes them twice – would have preferred a bit more variety!

Not a bad performance but I wouldn’t say it’s improved over his final performance and I’m only going to give it an 8 I’m afraid.

Rachel Stevens & Vincent Simone – Rumba

Rachel was one of the best female celebrity Rumba dancers I’ve seen on Strictly, and I’m looking forward to seeing their dance tonight.

Ah the pivot, ever an audience favourite, and well placed in a varied and sensual routine.

However during the lift at the end Rachel needed to put some shaping into her legs as they did look like they were just hanging there.

Technically the lift shouldn’t have been in there anyway so I’ll ignore it (seeing as the judges appear to be ignoring lifts too!) so will have to say potentially another perfect score.

Gethin Jones & Flavia Cacahe – American Smooth

So a new partnership for the Christmas Special, how will they perform together?

Doesn’t really seem to be much chemistry between them, and I’m finding the performance a little stale, however the final lift drew some excited gasps from Emma’s mother and sister.

Not a bad performance, but not as good as the others so far tonight so will have to say 8 I’m afraid.

Austin Healey & Erin Boag – Paso Doble

Austin performed an amazing Paso Doble in 2008’s competition and I felt was very unlucky to go out without reaching the final.

Well that’s a start and a half, though I’d prefer a more Spanish arm shape at times.

However a very entertaining performance (as Austin always managed) and a great aggressive performance. A 9.5 from me and I think might get a couple of 10’s.