Change in Strictly line up – No Erin, Vincent, Flavia or Aliona

Strictly Come Dancing BannerFor those that haven’t heard the news the current Strictly Come Dancing professionals line-up has been announced.

Professionals not returning this Autumn are Erin Boag, Aliona Vilani, Vincent Simone & Flavia Cacace. Continue reading

Strictly Come Dancing Week 1 Day 2

BBC Strictly 2012 Line-upSo we had a pretty busy weekend of teaching and weren’t able to blog during the second show.  I’ve decided to analyse the second show all in one big entry rather than spamming everyone with 8 separate entries two days after the live show.

Going forward I’ll probably just do a Monday analysis of the weekend show as certainly the whole of October is going to be difficult for me to watch the show live.

On to Saturday’s show: Continue reading

Strictly Training Video analysis

BBC Strictly 2012 Line-upSo Strictly starts in a little while and all the training videos have now been released.

I’ve decided to analyse them all in one big post rather than 14 individual entries so that you can directly compare all of the pre-show training. Continue reading

Aliona Vilani Hairline Fracture

Aliona Vilani Injury

Hairline fracture rules Aliona out of first live show.

If you haven’t heard already Aliona Vilani suffered a hairline fracture in her ankle whilst training with Johnny Ball on Thursday.

Full recoverey time hasn’t been confirmed yet but initial prognosis puts her as out for 2-4 weeks, meaning she’ll miss at least the first show, if not maybe even the whole of this series if Johnny gets voted out early. Continue reading

Strictly Come Dancing 2012 – Premiere

Yes yes I know I haven’t blogged about Strictly, or anything for that matter, in 9 months but I thought it about time to get back into it.

The reveal show took place almost two weeks ago and although I watched it at the time, this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and pencil in my thoughts on the pairings and what I expect from this year’s show. Continue reading

Strictly Come Dancing 2011 FINAL

So the last few months have been fairly hectic for us, apologies therefore that I’ve not been blogging about the last few weeks.

Right back at the launch show I predicted that Harry & Chelsee could both do really well, but never gave a thought to Jason – two out of three isn’t bad though! Continue reading

Harry Judd & Aliona Vilani – Foxtrot

Hands are a little splayed (as Craig would put it) which is a shame.  Needs to keep his head up and really stretch out in his frame but there’s a great connection between them both…Emma wonders if they’re both single…

A good performance let down by his frame – really work on stretching away from her Harry and you could be an excellent dancer.

A 7 from me.

Craig: 6 “You can dance, but Aliona you’ve got to sort his posture out”
Len: 6 “There was nothing great about it, but there was nothing terrible…chin is always down, lift up, stretch up”
Alesha: 8 “I think you move brilliantly…one of the best dancers in this competition…use the criticism”
Bruno: 7 “Something very, very special about Harry…strong, focused…gonna be fantastic”

Total Score: 27

Harry Judd & Aliona Vilani – Cha Cha Cha

Harry’s the only celebrity competitor with prior Strictly experience, but Paso is completely different from Cha Cha so I don’t think it’s a massive advantage.

I’m liking this Argentine Tango inspired start, Harry’s definitely looking good and it’s a massive improvement over any of Friday’s Cha Cha’s.

A bit too much ‘arm on the waistcoat’ positioning, obviously he wasn’t confident having his arms out, or Aliona decided he really didn’t look good doing it.

Harry suffers from the same ailment as the girls from last night, spending a bit too much time looking at the floor.  Hips are a little rigid but leg placement and sharpness is good, I can see why the bookies have Harry down as the favourite.

A very good Cha Cha from Harry.  I’d like to see a bit more from his arms and hips so not quite an 8 for me but definitely a 7.

Craig: 6 “For me too placed, too clean, too straight…lacked any real forward and back hip action”
Len: 7 “Little bit mechanical but I’ll tell you what…good you are”
Alesha: 8 “I love how focused you were…working the sexy, seductive look…Latin really suits you”
Bruno: 7 “Very fit, tight, muscular & masculine performance…could be a little bit more sinuous”

Total Score: 28

A much more realistic 8 this time Alesha

Strictly Come Dancing 2011 – Friday 30th September

So Strictly 2011 started last night, Bruce’s jokes return, some questionable outfits on show (not quite sure what they’ve put Robbie Savage in for example) and hopefully a whole new audience will be looking to learn to dance…you know where to find us!

From watching the launch show I made the following predictions of couples that could do well:

Harry & Aliona (though how much help his previous training will be is debatable)

Chelsee & Pasha (I predict they’ll do really well)

Lulu & Brendan (both feisty)

Rory & Erin (though not all the way I fear)

Holly & Artem (could definitely give Kara food for thought)

 The training videos so far seemed to have supported that but we’ll see how they all perform this weekend.

There are no couples going home this week, but the scores will be carried forward to next week too.

Enough of an intro, let’s get on with the dancing.  First up is Holly Valence & Artem Chigvintsev (on a side note it was originally supposed to be Alex Jones & James Jordan dancing tonight – no official word on why the switch was made and whether they’re dancing tonight or not!)