Aliona Vilani Hairline Fracture

Aliona Vilani Injury

Hairline fracture rules Aliona out of first live show.

If you haven’t heard already Aliona Vilani suffered a hairline fracture in her ankle whilst training with Johnny Ball on Thursday.

Full recoverey time hasn’t been confirmed yet but initial prognosis puts her as out for 2-4 weeks, meaning she’ll miss at least the first show, if not maybe even the whole of this series if Johnny gets voted out early. Continue reading

Strictly Come Dancing 2012 – Premiere

Yes yes I know I haven’t blogged about Strictly, or anything for that matter, in 9 months but I thought it about time to get back into it.

The reveal show took place almost two weeks ago and although I watched it at the time, this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and pencil in my thoughts on the pairings and what I expect from this year’s show. Continue reading