Strictly Come Dancing 2011 FINAL

So the last few months have been fairly hectic for us, apologies therefore that I’ve not been blogging about the last few weeks.

Right back at the launch show I predicted that Harry & Chelsee could both do really well, but never gave a thought to Jason – two out of three isn’t bad though!

First up tonight is Harry & Aliona with their Quickstep:

Harry’s frame has definitely improved over the weeks and I think this Quickstep is actually better than the first time Harry performed it, with no noticeable slips this time.

Given that he got a 9 and 3×10’s last time he performed it then this really should be a perfect score.

Craig: 10 “You seem to have improved [lazy left foot]…I loved it”
Len: 10 “You’ve come out all guns blazing…I loved that dance first time round…that was brilliant”
Alisha: 10 “Your quickstep is stunning…maximised the floorspace…very strong start”
Bruno: 10 “You came, you danced, and you conquered Blackpool…loved it”

Total Score: 40

Jason & Kristina Tango

Jason started the competition strongly but has struggled more with the second-half of the competition however his Tango was a very strong performance.

Starts well however has a bit of a bum sticking out issue after the ‘disco’ section and this results in gapping over the rest of the routine which is a shame.

It’s entertaining but just not as polished as Harry’s, just an 8 from me I think, though I imagine the judges will give 9’s.

Craig: 9 “Your bottom was sticking out a lot and the chasses were a little bit skippy”
Len: 10 “You have survived 14 weeks of blood, sweat and tears…you give those other two 20 years in age”
Alisha: 10 “Clever choreography…I loved it”
Bruno: 9 “Tango with split personality…incredible and barking mad but I loved it”

Total Score: 38

Chelsee & Pasha Jive

This was very energetic before and hopefully Chelsee can bring that same energy tonight, with just a little bit more polish.

It feels better than her previous performance, though still is a bit manic in places.  She looks puffed out near the end and falls out of sequence with Pasha when they are facing away from each other.

Not her best performance, which is a shame, but I can only give it an 8.

Craig: 9 “A complete and absolute bundle of joy to watch…thousand steps a minute”
Len: 10 “Watching that gives me as much pleasure as a world championship”
Alisha: 10 “For me personally that’s my favourite Jive of the series”
Bruno: 10 “That was a premium grade Jive…you were GREAT”

Total Score: 39

So it’s 1. Harry; 2. Chelsee; 3. Jason and the lines are open!

Now for the show dances

Harry & Aliona

Harry is excellent when it comes to lifts but there are a few moments when it loses a bit of polish for me with a few untidy hands and holds.

Their last lift looks a little wobbly and the drum section at the end didn’t really seem to work.

Not as good as their Quickstep so just a 9 from me.

Craig: 9 “You have an enormous amount of talent…transitions could have been a lot smoother”
Len: 9 “If you were a stick of Blackpool rock you’d have ‘Talent’ written right through you…thought that lift [near the end] was a little bit sticky getting into it”
Alisha: 10 “I loved the concept…lifts were verging on dangerous…smoothly done”
Bruno: 9 “Great guns Harry…impressive strength and physicality…tiny little incident on a lift”

Total Score: 37

Jason & Kristina

It’s good to see show dances that are based more on the actual dances they’ve been learning (I’m sure some of you will remember Brendan Cole and Lisa Snowdon’s ill-fated show dance).

I can’t tell whether they’re out of sequence or not in some of the sections…Jason doesn’t look out of time but we just can’t tell if they’re supposed to be exactly synchronised at those points.

I felt it was more polished in some ways than Harry’s dance but still only a 9 from me.

Craig: 10 “Ferocious and full-on darling…a-maz-ing”
Len: 10 “You’re a showman, this is a show dance, the perfect combination”
Alisha: 10 “If this was a marathon you’d have won already…that was a SHOW dance!”
Bruno: 10 “It was a showbiz extravaganza…brilliant”

Total Score: 40

Chelsee & Pasha

I’m hoping they haven’t gone too ‘showdance’ with this routine…though the music fills me a little bit with dread.

I’m not sure on quite a few of the lifts, and again it just feels a little messy at times but another 9.

Craig: 9 “I absolutely loved all those lifts…so close, impossible to call”
Len: 9 “I liked the element of hustle…bright and shiny…what saddens me is that in about an hour’s time one of our couples is going to go”
Alisha: 9 “Really going for it…totally natural”
Bruno: 9 “A vision of seductive beauty emerging from the mists…were a couple of moments darling when you nearly lost it”

Total Score: 36

So leader board is now 1. Jason; 2. Harry; 3. Chelsee


Our first elimination tonight is Jason & Kristina. They’re all so strong that it really will come down to the audience tonight – though Harry has overall been the best this series.

I’m personally cheering for Chelsee but purely because I did place a bet on her at the start of the series (20-1, but also won £80 on her being the final female, get in!) – however I won’t vote as I still want to try and remain impartial!

Right then, down to the final two, it’s anyone’s to win it.

Harry & Aliona American Smooth

Harry’s already shown he’s adept at the lifts, and Viennese Waltz is a good choice for them.  They seem to lose it a little in the standing spin after the first major lift.  The second lift exit doesn’t seem to have any transition, and the third lift looked a little uncomfortable on entry, but a lovely dance nonetheless.

Not perfect but a 9 from me.

Craig: 9 “If it wasn’t the final there’s a plethora of things I could say about your hands…but I loved it”
Len: 10 “When you did the Viennese Waltz before I loved it…you just made what was a great dance into an unbelievable dance”
Alisha: 10 “Such an accomplished dancer…I think the nation has fallen in love with you”
Bruno: 10 “Perfect fit for your princely charms…I salute you your highness”

Total Score: 39

Chelsee & Pasha Rumba

Out of the two, I think Chelsee has the more difficult ‘new’ dance, as Rumba is one of the harder dances for the celebrities to perform, and Chelsee’s acting hasn’t been great so far this series.

Nicely synchronised at the start and a great ronde.  Much better floor splits than the last time she did them.

The hand is a little forgotten at times but this is beautifully danced, and exceeding my expectations.

Again not perfect but damn close, 9.5.

Craig: 9 “I thought it was absolutely magnificent”
Len: 10 “Because it was so slow everything is magnified, every detail…nothing I could see I didn’t like”
Alisha: 10 “You put your heart and soul into every single dance you do”
Bruno: 10 “You nailed that Rumba…acted it like a movie star…I loved it”

Total Score: 39

Down to the final two dances then, their favourites from the series.

Harry & Aliona Argentine Tango

Let’s hope for a bit more passion from Harry this time around, it was all a little too ‘clean’ last time around.

He’s still a magnificent dancer and there’s a great lift above his head in the middle.

I didn’t feel as much intensity through the dance as I’d have liked but the performance was perfection.

Craig: 10 “Like the nation I have fallen in love with you too darling”
Len: 10 “Last time I said I wanted a bit more intensity…and you listened to me”
Alisha: 10 “Perfect choice for the final…exquisite dancing”
Bruno: 10 “So cool, so strong, so sharp…I think I’ve been Tango’d”

Total Score: 40

Chelsee & Pasha Quickstep

This was probably Chelsee’s best dance of the series, let#s ope she pulls it out of the bag.

I’d like Chelsee to keep her toes pointed when she kicks them out (the Rudolph looked a little messy) but the rest is excellent.  Can’t quite tell whether there was a problem with the jacket at the end.

I’m going to give this another perfect score.

Craig: 9 “I said it before and I’ll say it again…first class darling”
Len: 10 “It’s your favourite dance…could be my favourite dance as well”
Alisha: 10 “Perfect combination of a great dress, great song, great dance”
Bruno: 10 “Strictly stunning”

Total Score: 39 (would have preferred Craig to give a reason though – obviously the other judges don’t agree)

Leader Board

1. Harry & Aliona: 156
2. Chelsee & Pasha: 153.

Financially I’d like Chelsee to win, but I do think it’s going to be Harry.  What about you?