Rory Bremner & Erin Boag – Salsa

A bit out of time at the start but a great smile. Needs to stand up straighter and I feel there are points when Rory’s just standing around waiting for his turn.

Salsa is a very difficult dance though, and along with the Foxtrot, I think they’re both too early in the competition.

A good performance but not great, just a 6 from me.

Craig: 4 “Like a rat caught on a sticky strip…dancing way too heavily on the floor”
Len: 6 “Not a natural dance for an Englishman…flaunt our wobbly bits…you gave it a go”
Alesha: 6 “Straight in, no messing about…loved the shimmying”
Bruno: 6 “Full frontal attack, full of energy…you went wrong…gotta keep the flow going”

Total Score: 22