Strictly Come Dancing week 5 – Halloween Special

Apologies for not blogging on last week’s action, but unfortunately we just couldn’t get the time.

Tonight is the Strictly Halloween Special, and I can already predict that the scariest thing is going to be Nancy!

First up is Russell Grant & Flavia Cacace with their Samba Continue reading

Strictly Come Dancing Week 3

Ok due to our Bournemouth Dance Weekend this weekend I’ve had to save the blogging until today.  Rather than inundating everyone with posts I’m just going to do it in one long one instead.

This week is Broadway week, why? I don’t know but I suppose they feel the need to have some form of gimmick to keep the public interested.

We missed the live show as we were having a masquerade ball, but the wonders of modern technology allowed us to hook my laptop up to the hotel’s TV, fire up iplayer using the hotel’s free wifi, and have all our students sit down with us to watch the show.

In between each dance we had a quick run round for scores, really wish we’d written them down as it would’ve been great to compare.

It did mean we were all up until gone 1am but it was fun to watch with them. Continue reading

Week 2 Leaderboard

So added together with last week the scores are as follows:

(Last week’s score, This week’s score) [My total score]

1. 65 points (32, 33) – Jason & Kristina [14]
2. 58 points (28, 30) – Holly & Artem [13]
3. 56 points (27, 29) – Chelsee & Pasha [15]
3. 56 points (28, 28) – Anita & Robin [13]
5. 55 points (28, 27) – Harry & Aliona [14]
6. 51 points (22, 29) – Alex & James [13]
7. 49 points (27, 22) – Rory & Erin [12]
8. 48 points (19, 29) – Robbie & Ola [12]
9. 46 points (21, 25) – Russell & Flavia [11.5]
10. 45 points (24, 21) – Dan & Katya [11]
11. 43 points (20, 23) – Audley & Natalie [12]
12. 42 points (17, 25) – Lulu & Brendan [10]
13. 36 points (17, 19) – Edwina & Vincent [10]
14. 26 points (12, 14) – Nancy & Anton [5]

Again the table is fairly in line with expectations and Edwina & Nancy are down the bottom as predicted, Anton’s fans are going to have to really spend some on the phone calls to save them as I’m not sure how many fans Nancy is going to have.

I think giving everyone Salsa and Foxtrot in week 2 is very harsh though as these are both quite difficult dances.

I’m predicting Nancy will be going home though.

Russell Grant & Flavia Cacace – Salsa

Well Russell’s certainly not shy, but his initial hip rolls are pretty awful, better once they start dancing.  Needs to try and use the floor more and I worry that it’s lacking a little of the impact that he brought last week.

Some nice movements in there but yet another proof that you shouldn’t be mucking around with props.

Only a 5 from me this week, not as entertaining as last week I’m afraid.

Craig: 6 “It wasn’t without flaws…dancing queen you were tonight definitely”
Len: 6 “What it lacked in technique and content it made up for in fun”
Alesha: 6 “You are adorable…clearly having the time of your life”
Bruno: 7 “Finish the show on a high”

Total Score: 25

Harry Judd & Aliona Vilani – Foxtrot

Hands are a little splayed (as Craig would put it) which is a shame.  Needs to keep his head up and really stretch out in his frame but there’s a great connection between them both…Emma wonders if they’re both single…

A good performance let down by his frame – really work on stretching away from her Harry and you could be an excellent dancer.

A 7 from me.

Craig: 6 “You can dance, but Aliona you’ve got to sort his posture out”
Len: 6 “There was nothing great about it, but there was nothing terrible…chin is always down, lift up, stretch up”
Alesha: 8 “I think you move brilliantly…one of the best dancers in this competition…use the criticism”
Bruno: 7 “Something very, very special about Harry…strong, focused…gonna be fantastic”

Total Score: 27

Nancy Dell’Olio & Anton Du Beke – Salsa

An uncomfortable start and her timing and footwork is all over the place.  Anton’s doing his best to keep her under control, I must admit it’s not as bad as I’d originally expected but the technique is pretty awful.

She needs to stand up straighter and let Anton lead…I’m going to give her a 5 as I’m feeling generous.

Craig: 3 “Frenetic, frantic, frenzied”
Len: 5 “Most exciting part was when I took a crafty glance up your dress…ploughed on and kept going”
Alesha: 2 “I can’t work out if you were trying to be funny, or if it just was funny…I’m confused”
Bruno: 4 “You look like you’ve had two gallons [of champagne]…looked like you had no idea where you were”

Total Score: 14

Jason Donovan & Kristina Rihanoff – Foxtrot

Jason was top of the leader board last week, and the training midweek suggested he’ll still be there this week, let’s hope he lives up to it.

Not sure on the solo spin and a few picked up feet in his first feather step.  Needs to watch his shoulder line and the pivots are a little heavy.

I felt it looked better in training if I’m honest but a very good performance nonetheless. I felt he danced better last week but I’m still giving him a 7 this week.

Craig: 8 “Your head position needs attention, especially in the standing spin…classy, stylish, magnificent routine”
Len: 8 “Head could be a little bit to the left more…full of flair and personality…footwork mostly good”
Alesha: 9 “You are a real showman…in character even before the music started…seductive”
Bruno: 8 “So LA confidential…it’s great to see”

Total Score: 33

Anita Dobson & Robin Windsor – Salsa

A bit of a stumble but they’re quick to get back into routine, though Anita’s confidence looks to have been knocked.

It’s a real shame as they started really well but some of the later sequences just seem to have lost the fire.

A cheeky performance but lost it halfway, just a 6 from me.

Craig: 7 “I thought you danced it brilliantly”
Len: 7 “A few incidents…having said that, I thought it was fantastic”
Alesha: 7 “So much fun I don’t care about the mistake”
Bruno: 7 “A tropical tutti-frutti cocktail…went on the wrong foot a couple of times…who cares”

Total Score: 28

Robbie Savage & Ola Jordan – Foxtrot

Almost a stumble at the beginning but other than that quite a good start.  Shame that it actually loses it a bit once they go into hold.

His eyeline’s just a little too high, which a lot of the guys suffer from in the Ballroom, but he’s definitely putting a lot into the performance.

It was still a little bit flat footed and he needs to make sure he brushes one leg past the other but otherwise a very impressive performance…think I might give this a 7!

Craig: 7 “Head placement needs sorting out…got to say that was showbiz…I loved it”
Len: 8 “You little beauty…the more you give, the more marks you get…you’re going to get plenty”
Alesha: 7 “It’s really good to see you smiling and enjoying yourself…keep going”
Bruno: 7 “Slick, confident, debonair, what a transformation”

Total Score: 29

Rory Bremner & Erin Boag – Salsa

A bit out of time at the start but a great smile. Needs to stand up straighter and I feel there are points when Rory’s just standing around waiting for his turn.

Salsa is a very difficult dance though, and along with the Foxtrot, I think they’re both too early in the competition.

A good performance but not great, just a 6 from me.

Craig: 4 “Like a rat caught on a sticky strip…dancing way too heavily on the floor”
Len: 6 “Not a natural dance for an Englishman…flaunt our wobbly bits…you gave it a go”
Alesha: 6 “Straight in, no messing about…loved the shimmying”
Bruno: 6 “Full frontal attack, full of energy…you went wrong…gotta keep the flow going”

Total Score: 22