Russell Grant & Flavia Cacace – Strictly Training Video

Oh dear is all I can say, based on the screen shot, let’s see if the video makes it any better.

Unfortunately it looks like Russell is definitely the weakest of the opening competitors, but then I don’t think Cha Cha was the easiest one for him to be given first.  We’ll just have to see how he performs on the night but I think he’s going to have an uphill struggle.

Audley Harrison & Natalie Lowe – Strictly Training Video

Second up is Audley Harrison and Natalie Lowe with the Waltz.

Audley is looking nice and light on his feet initially, though he really needs to take slightly smaller steps – it’s about driving forward to move further, not taking bigger steps.

He has a nice frame, but doesn’t look quite so confident out of hold at the moment.  Audley could have potential but I do think it’s going to be hard for him in the first couple of weeks.

Holly Valence & Artem Chigvintsev – Strictly Training Video

Thought I better get the last few training videos up asap before the show starts at 9pm tonight.  First up tonight is Holly Valence & Artem Chigvintsev with their Cha Cha Cha.

Holly has a nice hip and arm action developing but I haven’t seen enough of the dancing in this video to make a judgement, however they will be dancing tonight so we’ll get to see the result soon enough.

Alex Jones & James Jordan – Strictly Training Video

10 rehearsal videos down, 4 to go.  Yesterday’s video was Alex Jones and James Jordan with their Cha Cha Cha training.

We don’t really see much of the training in this video, so it’s hard to judge how’s she’s coming along.  The arms still need a lot of work and she’s far too rigid at the moment, but we’ll have to wait till the live show on Friday (or Saturday) to see how she fares.

Strictly Training Video – Harry Judd & Aliona Vilani

Monday’s training diary features Harry Judd & Aliona Vilani and the Cha Cha Cha.  There has been some controversy recently with The Daily Star suggesting that this year’s Strictly was fixed for Harry to win.  Whilst I admit that a bit of previous training will definitely help, the Paso Doble is unlike any of the dances they will be covering in the early weeks.  Also, no offence Harry, but it wasn’t the greatest Paso Doble I’ve ever seen – but then what can be expected from the much shorter training schedule there would of been for Children in Need.

Every dance has it’s own variations and peculiarities that make it very difficult to have a ‘one size fits all’ mentality in the technique department. To be honest Harry is more likely to be kept in by McFly fans than by any secret BBC plot, and if he isn’t well that’s just the way Strictly works.

Anyway, on to analysing the dance!

There are definitely some elements that are already looking sharp (but given that it’s the week of the competition I would hope it was starting to come together by now).  He does need to work on the free arm though and try and make it a bit more natural in its movement.

Harry is looking good so far, but there’s still work to do there.