Strictly Come Dancing – Sunday 5th December Results

Yesterday I predicted Gavin Henson and Ann Widdecombe to be in the bottom two, with Gavin just losing out in the audience vote.  Though I have the feeling we might see a shock in the bottom two tonight (I’m worried Matt might be in trouble).

So first through this week: Gavin & Katya & Kata & Artem; In the bottom two is SCOTT MASLEN!!!  To be honest I think Scott has been over marked recently and maybe this is a bit of audience backlash?

A beautiful Waltz from Anton & Erin, though I can’t quite tell if there’s a few slips in there, maybe Anton is feeling the strain after American Smoothing with Ann?

So also safe is Pamela & James, and joining Scott in the bottom two is Ann & Anton (finally).  Let’s hope this is the end of the road for Ann, whilst she has been entertaining at times it really wouldn’t be fair for her to be put through in place of Scott.

The moment of truth then, Ann finally sailing home or Sccccooooottt Shhhhockingly sent back to base.

So Ann’s run to the final has ended.  They’ve have been great entertainment at times but it would have been a travesty if she had got through to the semi’s.

The right result all round.  Next week not only will two couples be eliminated next week, but we’ll also be there watching it live (so don’t expect any live blogging next week unless the BBC are feeling generous!).

So does this mean that Scott could be going out next week, and if so who’ll be joining him?  I don’t think Gavin will make it into the final but who would you send home?