Strictly Come Dancing – Saturday 4th December Leader Board

1. 40 points – Pamela & James
2. 38 points – Kara & Artem
3. 35 points – Scott & Natalie
3. 35 points – Matt & Aliona
5. 33 points – Gavin & Katya
6. 14 points – Ann & Anton

I’m glad that Pamela Stephenson was the first person to get four 10’s, with that performance, as it’s the first dance to deserve it this series.

I think Gavin has over marked but still ended up in the right place on the board.

I have to say that Gavin will be in the bottom two, and probably be going home, though I do hope Ann joins him as none of these other dancers deserve to go.  I am concerned that Matt might be in trouble though.

Who would you send home?