Strictly Come Dancing – Saturday 27th November

Almost up-to-date and it’s almost time for tonight’s Strictly, seriously where has my Saturday gone?!

Not sure on Bruce’s joke about Alisha having a good tan..

First up tonight is Kara Tointon & Artem Chigvintsev,

I’m looking forward to seeing their Jive.

Artem’s having a few wardrobe issues with his braces and Kara needs to point her toes down more during kicks.

It seems a little lacklustre and lacking something, and their ending seems to be just a little too late.

Disappointing we feel and whilst the lines were clean and movement good I can only give it an 8.

Craig: 7 “Dance very cleanly…attention to detail as always very precise…lost synchronicity…recovery [at the end] was terrible”
Len: 9 “First out, first class, top draw Jive…little bit hesitant…didn’t really attack [on some steps]”
Alisha: 9 “You two are on a real journey…really cutesy feel…looking down a lot”
Bruno: 9 “Sex appeal…lost a little bit of sharpness…bit of a tangle in the arm pass”

Total Score: 34

A tad too high personally.

Now for a sexy? Rumba from Ann Widdecombe & Anton Du Beke

Ann has aspirations to win, and we have a Titanic theme for this sinking ship of a routine.

At least they’re making more of a routine of it this week, I’m seeing Aida’s (well from Anton anyway), underarm turns, a rope spin, hand to hands, cucaracha’s, open outs.

All in all there’s a lot there that our students would recognise (which isn’t always the case in Strictly routines).

Better than last week so I’m going to give it a 6.

Craig: 1 “[Ann – here comes the iceberg] Frigid, passionless, that iceberg [on the set] showed more emotion”
Len: 5 “I’m shaken, not stirred. You did aida, opening outs – admittedly off time and you had the wrong footwork…but daftest dance I’ve ever seen”
Alisha: 5 “Kate Winslet eat your heart out…favourite storyline of the series so far…wasn’t much content, well done on remembering the steps.”
Bruno:  3 “Sinks the Rumba into the deepest and darkest depths of dance disaster.”

Total Score: 14

Patsy Kensit & Robin Windsor

Why do they always make Patsy’s eyes up like that, it always makes her look a little depressed, she actually looks amazing without it!

Patsy is suffering from a foot injury and may be spending most of the routine sitting down, won’t go down well with the judges if she does.

Argentine Tango should be passionate and intense and there’s a slight lack of emotion here, though the routine is good and looks like Patsy’s best dance.

I’m going to give Patsy an 8.

Craig: 7 “It did lacked flair…lacked any swivel on the foot passes…did have intent and purpose…did that very well”
Len: 8 “Hopefully you’ll be back next week…you won’t win Strictly Come Dancing being careful”
Alisha: 8 “I think you held the intensity all the way through…legs look stunning…loved it”
Bruno: 7 “The good thing, you really started to focus…lacked spunk…maybe you were trying to get the technique right”

Total Score: 30

Scott Maslen & Natalie Lowe

Scott’s turn at the American Smooth this week and it looks in the VT like all the training is starting to take it’s toll.

A big slip from Scott there on a three step but well recovered.  His frame looks a little close and could do with a bit more space.

Scott appears to have forgotten the routine and the final lift is just positively dangerous in those circumstances.

It’s a real shame as it looked to have great promise but I can only give it a 7 and that’s being generous.

Craig: 6 “Terrible shame…began with terrible footwork in the corner…some good, loved the lift…complete disaster”
Len: 7 “It wasn’t a complete disaster…didn’t do yourself justice…threw you off…you’re a really good dancer…don’t let it affect you…try and stay awake!”
Alisha: 9 “I’ve been there, I’ve done that, I’ve made mistakes…I still enjoyed it…still looked like a pro out there”
Bruno: 9 “You’re still smoother than anybody else…some parts were excellent…don’t beat yourself down”

Total Score: 31

Far too high from Alisha and Bruno there, it’s not really fair on the other competitors if you ask me.

Gavin Henson & Katya Virshilas 

Gavin & Katya have a Jive this week, for a big guy like Gavin this could be [cue Craig] a Dance Dis-a-ster.

If Gavin goes out hating the dance this will come across in his performance.  Not sure on the outfit and unfortunately Gavin is out of time straight from the off with his initial kicks.

This is one of the worst Jive’s we’ve seen on Strictly at this stage of the competition and his attempt at butt wiggling in front of the judges is severely lacking.

It was a disaster and a 6 from me.

Craig: 3 “That bottom wiggle was completely unnecessary…giving Ann Widdecombe a run for her money”
Len: 6 “You hated it, I hated it, we all hated it…you came out and gave it a go”
Alisha: 7 “There was [were] timing issues throughout”
Bruno: 6 “It was like Clarke Kent never turning into Superman…you look good in tight pants”

Total Score: 22

Matt Baker & Aliona Vilani

Let’s hope Matt does a better American Smooth than Scott’s.  Is this the first time an American Smooth has been danced not in a suit?

The standing spin looks a bit awful if I ‘m honest which is a shame.  It feels more like a show dance than an American Smooth and it just didn’t quite feel right for me.

It was ok but I’m only going to give it a 7.

Len: 8 “If you have to explain what you’re trying to do then it hasn’t really worked as a dance”
Alisha: 8 “One of the strongest in the competition…little bit disappointed…turns felt very manic”
Bruno: 9 “You put so much in to what you do…beautiful…turn into American Psycho”

Total Score: 33

Another over mark for me personally.

Pamela Stephenson & James Jordan

They have a Charleston this week and this could potentially be their best dance.

Good lifts and energy, though she does seem to lose a bit of puff near the end.

Has some nice comedic moments though I’m not sure about the final ending position.

Not the worst Charleston I’ve seen but still lacking and Pamela could be in trouble this week.

Emma thinks 8 and I agree.

Craig: 9 “Frisky, perilous lifts…without fear…loved it”
Len: 9 “Tickled my fancy that, you enjoyed doing it, I enjoyed watching it”
Alisha: 10 “Best dance of the night”
Bruno: 10 “It’s going to get a BAFTA from me”

Total Score: 38

Wouldn’t personally have put it as the top routine of the night, for me that was Patsy’s, though I felt all the dances this week seemed lacking in a bit of life.

Leader Board

1. 38 points – Pamela & James
2. 34 points – Kara & Artem
3. 33 points – Matt & Aliona
4. 31 points – Scott & Natalie
5. 30 points – Patsy & Robin
6. 22 points – Gavin & Katya
7. 14 points – Ann & Anton

I already know Patsy goes, and that’s a real shame as I felt she did her best dance of the series tonight.  Earlier I thought Pamela would join her in the bottom two but judges marks may have saved her there so probably Gavin joining her.


Bottom two is Patsy & Robin (who we know are going home) and Gavin & Katya.

Well now to get myself ready for live blogging tonight’s show.