Gavin Henson & Katya Virshilas – Paso Doble

I’m liking some of the shapes in training…

As I expected Gavin has gone topless this week, needs to guarantee himself some votes.  He can’t stop himself smiling, but at least that’s better than his unemotional face

Actually his best dance I think and I’m going to give him a 7.

Craig: 5 “Turns need finessing…still have musicality problems…whole thing a lot of posturing…finally a hint of personality”
Len: 7 “Working your assets…knee walks very tricky to do…lovely point to your foot…lacked a bit of passion”
Alisha: 7 “I disagree with Len, very passionate…sexy…nice attempt”
Bruno: 7 “I love when you’re coming out of your shell…really beautiful lines…believe more in yourself”

Total Score: 26