It Takes Two – Tuesday 26th October

On today’s show: Michelle, Ian & Brendan; Karen Hardy Choreography Corner; Pamela & James; Gavin & Katya.

So first up are Michelle & Ian, fresh from their bottom two finish on Saturday night, joined by Brendan Cole back from his father’s funeral.  Brendan reveals that he felt a little jealous watching Michelle dancing with Ian on Saturday night.

Ian felt nervous about the responsibility of making sure that Michelle made it through to the next week so that she could go back to dancing with Brendan.

Michelle has the Jive this weekend, I’m guessing it’s going to be a disaster and this could be the week Michelle goes, but I will have to wait to see the training videos to be sure.

I’m afraid I always skip past the “Out of the Glitterball” section so I can’t tell you much about that.

Now onto Karen Hardy’s Choreography Corner,

Karen reveals she likes the added extras and props, so long as it’s not overboard and doesn’t last too long. 

First for analysis is Felicity & Vincent: Looking at their floor spin with Felicity balanced on one leg.  Karen applauds the trust between them and also Felicity’s flexibility.

Jimi & Flavia: Claudia felt they were undermarked.  Karen doesn’t agree with Bruno that Jimi was out of time with his cane work and actually felt he was “masterful”.

Matt & Aliona: a “brilliant” double cartwheel though Tina & Jared performed the same move slightly lighter.

Scott & Natalie: great “light and shade” in their dance, really using the music to express the dance.

Gavin & Katya: Gavin’s strength in his legs allowed them to do a throwaway oversway all the way down to the ground, when they could’ve done a much easier movement.

Ann & Anton: Whilst everyone wants to talk about the “flying hippo” Karen concentrates on the outside swivels and her basics and body contact, something Ann is improving at.

Patsy & Robin: “Great Charleston, classic”.  She doesn’t need any gimmicks or gizmos.

Pamela & James

Pamela reveals she wasn’t worried about the score itself, but rather James’ reaction to it.  James wasn’t disappointed by the scores as apparently in training they’d only managed to get through it once out of three attempts.

Also it appears that this was the first Tango that James has performed on Strictly.  This weekend they will be dancing the Jive and I look forward to seeing their training.

Gavin & Katya,

Gavin is a bit of a mixed bag for me, some weeks he seems to be really developing and then one thing, like the slip at the start on Saturday, throws him back into himself.

It looks like Gavin will be the first person this series to visit an acting coach and let’s hope this increases his confidence.

Personally I don’t tend to touch my hair after I first do it in the morning so I can’t quite understand the fascination, though I must admit his hair is looking quite good today!

They have Paso Doble this weekend, which requires even more acting than the Tango so if Gavin doesn’t start coming out of his shell this could be another poor performing week.

I’ll update tomorrow with some of the training videos, and I might actually be able to do that one live this week!