Gavin Henson & Katya Virshilas – Tango

Time to see some emotion this week I hope Gavin.  Shame to start with the slip on the stairs – I swear his cheeks look red after that.

Lifting his feet up too much and a complete lack of emotion on his face and the same lifting action when they repeat the same section.

Gavin has ambitions of being top of the leaderboard and unfortunately he’s nowhere near yet.  Only a 6 from me.

Craig: 5 “Facial expressions…when are we ever going to lose the botox advertisements…some sign of aggression…fell down the steps at the start”
Len: 6 “Great body contact…I don’t know whether it’s nerves…you’ve got to portray that character…wasn’t your best”
Alisha: 6 “Not bad Gavin…looked vulnerable…got to believe in yourself”
Bruno: 6 “We actually like you…there are some moments when everything comes together…then it all crumbles”

Total Score: 23