Strictly Come Dancing – Saturday 30th October Leader Board

1. 39 points – Scott & Natalie
2. 37 points – Kara & Artem
3. 34 points – Matt & Aliona
4. 31 points – Patsy & Robin
5. 30 points – Jimi & Flavia
6. 29 points – Michelle & Brendan
7. 28 points – Tina & Jared
8. 27 points – Pamela & James
9. 26 points – Felicity & Vincent
9. 26 points – Gavin & Katya
11. 16 points – Ann & Anton

I think it’s harsh but Michelle will most likely be going home tonight.  Very difficult to call who I think will join them.  Ann obviously should go but her entertainment factor will keep them in I think.  There’s a possibility that Tina’s ‘pleather’ outfit this week might not go down well with the voting public but I still don’t see her being in the bottom two.  Gavin’s chest might just save him from being there and neither Pamela or Felicity will be in trouble I would say.  This leaves the chance that Jimi might actually find himself in the bottom two.

Am I over-thinking this though I wonder…oh well we’ll find out tomorrow!  Who do you think is going to be in the bottom two?

Oh and just because it’s Halloween here’s my outfit from our social last night:

If that doesn’t give you nightmares I don’t know what will!

Matt Baker & Aliona Vilani – Argentine Tango

I love the start, great acting from Matt and a superb first spin.  The trouble with wearing a jacket is if it isn’t specifically tailored for dancing the shoulders can rise up and I think this mars some of their lines.

For me though the dancing itself was excellent and if Scott got 3 tens then Matt deserves a perfect 4 for that performance.  A 9 from me though even if the lifts were a little shaky at times.

Craig: 8 “At times a little shaky…you are dynamic”
Len: 8 “Had focus…intensity…a little blunder here…second two lifts weren’t in keeping with the dance”
Alisha: 9 “I could feel your nerves tonight…sexy…hot…passionate”
Bruno: 9 “Super power and super dancing…lifts were incredible.”

Total Score: 34

Ann Widdecombe & Anton Du Beke – Paso Doble

What are we going to see this week?

Ann needs to try and skim the floor more when she’s walking, and her sur place movements (effectively stamping on the spot) need to be not lifted up so much.

Lovely lines when Anton is throwing her, though the floor spins are just comical.

She does get better dance wise each week but just a 5 I’m afraid.

Craig: 2 “I only have three letters…O M G”
Len: 5 “It’s a bit like going up the motorway with an accident, you don’t really want to watch but you can’t help yourself”
Alisha: 5 “A humble entrance this week…try counting in your head…Anton’s dragging you round like an appliance”
Bruno: 4 “I don’t think I’ll ever recover from that ending…it was heavy”

Total Score: 16

Scott Maslen & Natalie Lowe – Viennese Waltz

Good to see someone getting [pretty much] straight into the dance.  I feel Scott is just a little wooden during the fleckerls.

It’s a good performance but I felt they did better last week, easily an 8 though.

Craig: 9
Len: 10 “Last week good, this week great…absolutely spell binding”
Alisha: 10 “I think you hypnotised the whole room, that was magical”
Bruno: 10 “You created dance magic”

Total Score: 39

Looks like I’m being overly critical this week!

Gavin Henson & Katya Virshilas – Paso Doble

I’m liking some of the shapes in training…

As I expected Gavin has gone topless this week, needs to guarantee himself some votes.  He can’t stop himself smiling, but at least that’s better than his unemotional face

Actually his best dance I think and I’m going to give him a 7.

Craig: 5 “Turns need finessing…still have musicality problems…whole thing a lot of posturing…finally a hint of personality”
Len: 7 “Working your assets…knee walks very tricky to do…lovely point to your foot…lacked a bit of passion”
Alisha: 7 “I disagree with Len, very passionate…sexy…nice attempt”
Bruno: 7 “I love when you’re coming out of your shell…really beautiful lines…believe more in yourself”

Total Score: 26

Michelle Williams & Brendan Cole – Jive

Liking Brendan’s Time Warp costume.  Finally a dance that does seem to suit Michelle though it’s a little too much ‘Time Warp’ and not enough Jive for my liking, obviously Brendan trying to cover up her dancing shortcomings.

Only a 6 from me I’m afraid.

Craig: 7 “Lobotomised…in a good way…because I’m from a theatrical background I loved it.”
Len: 6 “I’m from a ballroom background…bitterly disappointed…last 3/4’s were all time warp” [Brendan goes mental]
Alisha: 8 “Highly entertaining…you’re both barking mad”
Bruno: 8 “What were you on…I actually loved it…nothing to do with technique”

Total Score: 29

Jimi Mistry & Flavia Cacace – Paso Doble

Jimi looks positively freaky.  A little laboured in the pivots and he needs to pick his feet up a little less to make it less stompy.  Some great movements though and the lift using the cape is great to watch.

Definitely Jimi’s best dance I would say and I’m going to give him an 8.

Craig: 7 “Loved the shapes you were knocking out”
Len: 7 “Once you got onto that floor…lovely shapings…lovely lift using the cape…wafting [the cape] got on my wick”
Alisha: 8 “The drama, the passion…believable and fantastic”
Bruno: 8 “You dance better as the living dead than you ever have”

Total Score: 30

Felicity Kendal & Vincent Simone – Viennese Waltz

Felicity and Vincent appear to have gone down a very traditional route, in terms of the history of the dance from the balls of Vienna.

It takes them quite a while to get down onto the floor though (from the bridge) which I know Len isn’t going to like.

There’s a little bit too much skipping from Felicity, though she can still do the splits better than I can.

Overall I thought the dance was ok, but nothing special.  I’ll give it a 7.

Craig: 6 “Beginning held great promise…unravelled when you got to the floor…bit lumpy on the travelling splits”
Len: 7 “Nice feeling of romance…posture much better…took a bit of time to get down on the floor…no heels”
Alisha: 6 “Wasting time down the stairs…tad jerky…loved the splits.”
Bruno: 7 “I think you were starting to laugh in the middle…feet mucking up”

Total Score: 26

Patsy Kensit & Robin Windsor – Jive

Patsy ran out of steam last week, and Jive is even more intense, so let’s see if Robin’s bootcamp has worked this week.

Looks like we’re going to see some chemistry between these two…oh dear a little two party dance at the start and Patsy loses her bounce before the end of the flicks and the heaviness has returned.

Unfortunately for Patsy she just fails to pull it off, just a 6 from me.

Craig: 7 “I thought side-by-side stuff was fantastic…bit laboured [later on]”
Len: 8 “Sharp kicks and flicks, very clean…thoroughly well done.”
Alisha: 8 “All your hard work in the training has definitely paid off.”
Bruno: 8 “I love when you’re camp…sharpest you’ve ever been.”

Total Score:  31

Kara Tointon & Artem Chigvintsev – Paso Doble

Kara needs to stand up a little straighter but she has good Spanish arms.  Looking a little unstable at times though, especially with the lean away in front of the judges.

Definitely playing the part well.  Technically a lift at the end so should be docked points so I’m going to give them an 8.

Craig: 9 “I really loved it.  Finally had some passion”
Len: 9 “Last two weeks…bit of a spark…tonight a fire!”
Alisha: 10
Bruno: 9 “Luscious drama, oozing with passion”

Total Score: 37