The moment of truth!

So it’s all down to how the studio audience voted, who’s going out first…(I’ve predicted it to be between Austin & Rachel)

Chris & Ola – unsurprising to be honest as the Foxtrot didn’t really allow Chris’ personality to come across.

Gethin & Flavia – lacking chemistry so again unsurprising.

Ricky & Natalie

Austin & Erin – shame as I really enjoyed their Paso

So it’s between Ali & Rachel for the title…could it be Ali’s retribution for not making it to the final?

Yes it is.

That’s it then, 2009 finishes with Ali Bastian & Brian Fortuna being crowned the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Champions.

I’ll be attending (or hosting) a variety of Strictly events throughout the year so I’ll blog about anything interesting, and I may well blog about So You Think You Can Dance too so watch this space!

How did you vote, and do you agree with the result?

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