The moment of truth!

Team C’Ola or Ricky & Natalie…

I think it’ll be Chris and Ola due to the phenomenal public support they’ve had over the whole series – and that confirms it.

Congratulations Chris, you’ve definitely been the most entertaining couple (once Ricky Groves left anyway).

I agree with the result, but how about you?

Final Leaderboard

Wow four dances later, and only 4 points separating our two finalists:

1. Ricky & Natalie…50…43…48…49…Total 190 points
2. Chris & Ola…46…44…50…46…Total 186 points

A lot closer than I think many people would have predicted, but Chris definitely deserves to be that close to Ricky.

Although Ricky is, on the whole, the better dancer I do think Chris just has the most entertaining personality and I really do think he’ll win this one.

But you’re the public, what do you think, who are you voting for?

Ricky Whittle & Natalie Lowe – Showdance

I wonder if the press lift will make a reappearance.

There’s still moments when I wish Ricky would think about his free hand, however I must say a no-hands lift definitely makes up for that.

Shame they were a little bit off balance at the end. Lots of lifts but I actually found Chris’ to be more daring.

I think having a Cha Cha based showdance was a little bit of a cop-out but I can’t fault the dancing, just wish the dance had wowed me a bit better.

Only a 9 I’m afraid Ricky.

Chris Hollins & Ola Jordan – Showdance

Now I predicted that Ricky may outperform Chris in this dance, but not having seen either this will be an interesting contest.

That answers my question about whether Chris will be able to lift Ola above his head as well as Ricky!

Needs to keep his head up, and looks a little off in the Cha Cha sections but the Jive looks good, and what a one-handed lift there from Chris.

The judges looked a little scared there at the end as Chris jumps on their desk.

As ever Chris is the consumate entertainer, a little bit sloppy in places but some amazing lifts (based on my expectations!).

I’d like to give it a 9.5.

Ricky Whittle & Natalie Lowe – Cha Cha Cha

I wasn’t a big fan of their Cha Cha the first time round, though the judges seemed to really like it. Let’s see if Ricky can change my mind.

Some of Ricky’s forward locks are really good, and then some appear to have no hip action whatsoever, and he does need to look at those hands.

It still didn’t wow me i’m afraid, but I can’t really fault it too much, will give this a 9.

Jade Johnson & Ian Waite Tango

After seeing that there’s no doubt that Jade was an incredibly strong contender for this title.

My old teacher Mary (Ian’s step-mum) choreographed this dance and was gutted when they couldn’t perform it on the night.

I feel so sorry for Ian as this was probably his best chance for making it to the final, let’s hope he gets someone equally as good next year.

Both couple’s Lindyhop

Out of the two of them I’d say in advance that Chris could well outperform Ricky in this dance – on a personality basis anyway!

Little stumble at the start from Ricky there. Chris does need to keep his head up though.

However Ricky can definitely lift Natalie easily over his head…up until that spin over the head.

Is it my imagination though or are Ricky and Natalie having more individual dance moments in the choreography?

An entertaining routine, shame Ricky very nearly had a disastrous drop.

It’s difficult to compare between the two as Ricky and Natalie’s routine appeared to have more content to it, and Chris did have the odd timing issue.

I’d give Chris and 8 and Ricky a 9 (though I might have to go back and count the on-screen couple-solos for both of them)!

Chris Hollins & Ola Jordan – Foxtrot

So, Chris has never been in the dance-off but has also never received a 10 so far in the competition. How is he going to respond to the perfect 50 that Ricky just achieved?

Good to see Chris has decided not to work on his hands and face for the final 😉

Wait, was that a smile?! That’s all you need to do Chris, just smile and it makes a huge improvement.

The dance is a little flat for my liking but not a bad performance, not perfect but could well get a 9 or two.