The result

So no dance off tonight, it’s all down to the audience tonight.

As I predicted earlier I think Ricky will be going home tonight as he just doesn’t have enough public support.

First couple through – Ricky & Natalie so that’s out the window.

Other finalist is Chris as predicted, poor Ali misses out.


Combined leaderboard for tonight then is:

1. 96 points – Ricky & Natalie
2. 92 points – Ali & Brian
3. 80 points – Chris & Ola

Overall a fair reflection I think on the performances though I think there’s less of a gap between the three of them than the 16 points suggests.

However Ricky’s popularity hasn’t been as high as the other two the last couple of weeks, and with no dance-off tonight he could be in for a shock exit!

Ali Bastian & Brian Fortuna – American Smooth

A dance that should suit Ali better, although they have chosen quite a fast number.

Not sure about Ali having both hands above her head during her spins, looks a little untidy.

It looks like they’ve decided to quash any ‘are they or aren’t they’ rumours with those kisses at the end.

A very good performance, not quite perfect for me but i think they may get full marks from the judges.

Ricky Whittle & Natalie Lowe – Waltz

Personally for me Ricky’s Ballroom has always been let down by his strange head positioning during pivots and spins, something he’s done since his first dance in week 2 and has never been mentioned.

That opening looked like a lift but I think they’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Straight away though and his opening pivots show the his poor posture in turning situations.

Technically his dancing is great but that top-line really has grated on me since his first week.

I think he’ll get 9’s, but for me I’d only give it an 8.

Ali Bastian & Brian Fortuna – Argentine Tango

Can Ali pull off the unexpected and actually give us a down and dirty performance?

Incidentally this song they’re dancing to is the same one that a couple I choreographed for used in their Christmas party last night, and won!

Hints of passion there, but i’d still like to see a bit more intensity, and it just seems to be lacking a little sharpness.

I’m just not feeling this routine, the most passionate part came in the ending look between them.

Should easily get 8’s though.

Chris Hollins & Ola Jordan – Rumba

I personally really liked Chris’ Rumba back in his first week but there was still significant room for improvement, let’s hope 10/11 weeks on has seen that improvement realised!

At times Chris’ hands look really good, at others they are just stuck out, but thankfuly mainly there is some shaping there.

I’d like to see more hip action though, to match the sheer amount of chest on show.

He certainly acted a good Rumba, could still do with improvement though. I’d give him an 8.