The moment of truth, dance off, and result

Ali & Brian through, so that’s my first prediction off the cards.

Chris & Ola also through which leaves my original prediction of Laila and Ricky as being correct!

Laila is definitely out now, unless Laila can pull off a flawless performance but I really don’t think anything can save her.

Laila’s up first in the dance-off and she is definitely giving a much better, and thus far what appears to be a faultless performance but I don’t think it’ll be enough to save her.

Now for Ricky…and I would say a better performance too from Ricky. I’m seeing a 5-0 sending home for Laila.

We get to 3-0 and that’s all it takes.


Final leaderboard is as follows:

1 95 points – Ricky Whittle & Natalie Lowe
2 86 points – Ali Bastian & Brian Fortuna
3 80 points – Chris Hollins & Ola Jordan
4 59 points – Laila Rouass & Anton Du Beke

I predicted to Emma last night that it would be a Laila and Ricky dance-off, but I’m going to change that to Ali & Laila as both have really underperformed tonight for my liking, and I think Chris and Ricky will have more (mostly female!) support.

Ricky Whittle & Natalie Lowe – Cha Cha Cha

Not quite sure on the pants in the training Ricky…

Seems to be dancing more with his upper body than his hips early on and I do wish he’d do something with his free hand when it’s not in use.

I don’t feel like there’s as much choreography as I’d be expecting from these two either.

A bit of a letdown for me personally but should get at least 8’s.

Laila Rouass & Anton du Beke – Salsa

They’ve not impressed in the Latin so far this series, the training looks good but can they ‘bring it’ on the night?

Why Laila, why always the mistakes? Especially when you’re apart from Anton it just makes it so obvious.

Emma asked me yesterday my prediction for who was going out tonight, I predicted Laila last night and I stand by that tonight after seeing that performance.

Unfortunately Len’s right, they want to be in the final but they rarely manage a flawless performance and I can’t see them progressing further than tonight.

A real letdown and I’m going to have to say a 5 (possibly the lowest score I’ve given all series – I’ll have to go back and look!)

Ali Bastian & Brian Fortuna – Samba

The bogey dance so far for most competitors, and I don’t think the Samba will prove to be her dance tonight either.

Still looks too ‘nice’ and on a couple of moves Ali doesn’t appear to finish before she’s on to the next step and really needs to dance from the floor.

I don’t think the choice of music helped, I do think Samba really needs to have a bouncy feel to it to really bring out the performance.

An ok performance but should get 8’s.

Ricky Whittle & Natalie Lowe – Foxtrot

Please Natalie I hope you’ve sorted out Ricky’s odd head movements as they really do grate for me and often it ruins the whole look of the routine.

Significant improvement in the head department, though he has to avoid looking down at the floor.

Can’t see his footwork but a very good performance, not perfect but I think it will get 9’s.

Chris Hollins & Ola Jordan – Waltz

A dance that needs elegance and romance, and I think Chris has what it takes to pull off a good one, but let’s see what happens.

I’m not personally happy with his head position, it’s stretched a little oddly but the dance is looking good aside from that, although he really does need to incorporate some shaping in his hands.

A nice Waltz that I think should achieve at least 8’s.