The moment of truth, dance off, and result

Is it unthinkable for Ricky Whittle to be in the bottom two…let’s find out!

Still on target for a Ricky & Laila dance-off, but wait it appears Anton is more popular than Natalie.

I preferred Natalie’s original Rock and Roll performance to Ricky’s but I think it’ll take a miracle for Natalie to be saved unfortunately.

Ricky’s up first, and starts with what appears to be the same mistake he made the first time.

Still feels a little lacklustre, though Len might appreciate Natalie’s pop-out!

Natalie’s up next and still the same wonderful amount of energy, shame about the mistake with the through-the-legs manouvere.

Unfortunately I don’t think there was much chance of Natalie staying in the competition out of the two of them, and I’d be surprised if it isn’t 4-0.

Just waiting on Len to confirm it…

…and there’s the confirmation.

Judges Competition Scores & Combined Leaderboard

What’s their individual breakdown then?

Ali & Brian – 10
Ricky & Natalie – 9
Laila & Anton – 8
Chris & Ola – 7
Natalie & Vincent – 7

So apart from getting Ricky & Natalie Cassidy the wrong way round, it went as expected (though to be honest I never thought Ricky would score as low as I’d marked him!)

Combined leaderboard is as follows:

1. 47 points – Ali & Brian
2. 41 points – Chris & Ola
3. 40 points – Ricky & Natalie
4. 39 points – Laila & Anton
5. 33 points – Natalie & Vincent

I still think Natalie’s too popular to end in the bottom two, but Ricky may get penalised for this week’s shenanigans – could he have his first taste of the bottom two?

What do you think?

Competition Viennese Waltz

So the first time that the competitors have been required to actually compete against each other, let’s see how they cope with a normal dancing competition scenario.

This will be made difficult by the camera angles, very hard to compare when it keeps jumping around.

For me I still think Ricky’s frame is not the best, especially when doing the fleckerl as he has a tendency to lean his head.

Chris’ frame also has a bit of a lean to it.

Laila looks a little unstable at times.

For me I would place it:

1. Ali & Brian
2. Natalie & Vincent
3. Laila & Anton
4. Chris & Ola
5. Ricky & Natalie

If Ricky could sort out his top line it wouldn’t make me cringe every time he goes into a turn and I’d have marked him a lot higher.

How would you have placed them?


Well it appears I was the only one entertained enough by Laila and Anton, and I’d have had Natalie a little closer to Ricky, but otherwise the leaderboard is about right…

1. 37 points – Ali & Brian
2. 34 points – Chris & Ola
3. 31 points – Ricky & Natalie
4. 31 points – Laila & Anton
5. 26 points – Natalie & Vincent

Still the competition Viennese Waltz to go though…

Natalie Cassidy & Vincent Simone – Rock and Roll

So the cartwheel lift, and the rolly-polly are apparently out, let’s see what’s left for their routine

Sorry Ricky but already this has much more energy and fun than your performance – and there’s a knicker shot for Len!

It actually seems a little too Jive’y in places but I’ll give this an 8 too.

Ali Bastian & Brian Fortuna – Charlston

Yet another injury has hit the current series of Strictly, one really has to start wondering if this series really is cursed!

So far Ali appears to be coping with her injured ankle well.

Another energetic performance although the exit from the first lift looked a little messy.

Preferred this performance to Chris’ so I’ll give it a 9.

Ricky Whittle & Natalie Lowe – Rock and Roll

Fresh from police questioning I had someone comment last night “I wonder if Ricky will be dancing to ‘Jailhouse Rock’?”

I’m already scared from watching the training videos of the lifts!

I do wish Ricky would do something with his free hand, it does tend to just hang around.

Looks like a slight mistake at the start but Ricky appears to have recovered admirably.

For me the routine just appears to lack energy, which is surprising considering the content, and very nearly a bad slip-up at the end!

Should get 8’s though.

Chris Hollins & Ola Jordan – Charlston

This week is going to be interesting then – two dances that I’ve never danced (albeit their elements feature in Quickstep and Jive). How to judge a dance you have no experience of…I’ll be in the same boat as Alesha for once!

I know Chris is going for attitude, but I do wish he would keep his mouth shut, or at least do something different than the strange tongue-out look he’s got at the moment!

An interesting routine, very bizarre overall. I think Chris has definitely encapsulated the character of the dance.

I found it a strange experience but I’ll give him an 8.