The moment of truth!

Expecting a Jo and Craig dance-off, but how will the audience have voted? Also for those that were at the Royal Albert Hall with us last week I hope you recognised the World Champions on the night doing their display!

Truly amazing dancers and you can see why they’re number 1 in the world! Shame we were up in the circle as you do miss the impact from dancers like that.

On to the moment of truth then, and a shock first save for Craig.

Surprised to see Jade & Ian in the dance-off, but no chance now that Jo will survive to dance again next week.


Leaderboard this week is as follows:

1. 37 points – Ali & Brian
2. 33 points – Zoe & James
3. 32 points – Jade & Ian
3. 32 points – Ricky & Natalie
5. 29 points – Ricky & Erin
5. 29 points – Natalie & Vincent
7. 28 points – Chris & Ola
7. 28 points – Laila & Anton
9. 25 points – Phil & Katya
10. 18 points – Craig & Flavia
11. 14 points – Jo & Brendan

I don’t think there was much between Zoe and Ali tonight and I don’t think Ali was 4 points better than Zoe, but still think that top spot is accurate – shame Zoe had those couple of slips. Also still surprised that Chris is so far down the table…

The bottom of the table looks as expected and I do think this week will see the bottom two in the dance-off, with Jo likely to be the one to go.

How would you have scored it?

Laila Rouass & Anton du Beke – Samba

An awful Jive last week could well have seen them leaving, but the public saved them – rightly so I think. How will the Samba compare?

Anton’s very much a Ballroom boy so I wouldn’t be surprised if he haad to pick up a few things from Laila.

A very funky routine and looking really good, up to the first travelling voltas that Laila unfortunately made a slight hash of.

Not their best dance, but not even close to their worst. I think it will get 7’s.

Ali Bastian & Brian Fortuna – American Smooth

I expected Ali to struggle with the Jive last week and unfortunately was proved correct. Back to Ballroom should see Ali return to form.

Impressive leg lift in the middle of the routine, shame that there just appears to be a few issues occurring throughout the routine.

Definitely back on track, just a shame that a few errors appeared to creep in, should be looking at 8’s though.

Jo Wood & Brendan Cole – Samba

With one Joe going out last week will the other Jo survive tonight?

Mistakes abound and Brendan almost throws Jo across the room during the pivots at the end of the promenade runs.

I found it quite painful to watch i’m afraid Jo, but you did look like you enjoyed yourself tremendously.

This is going to be the bottom of the table i’d have thought, and lucky if she does achieve 5’s.

Natalie Cassidy & Vincent Simone – American Smooth

So an American Smooth with no lifts…that’s a first for Strictly. How will it fair with the judges?

Natalie needs to relax the shoulders and make sure she is leaning away from Vincent as it does ruin the top line look at the moment.

A nice routine obviously lacking in the wow factor due to no lifts, and just felt a little lacklustre.

I think it should get 7’s though.