The result

Unfortunately for Richard there was no comparison between him and Craig, surprised Len would’ve voted them however (not sure if that’s a consolation vote though!)

Next week then will see all 14 couples competing against each other, but with only one dance to do rather than the two that most have struggled with so far.

At least I only have to set aside a Saturday night now that the Fridays are finished with.

Now I know the results please feel free to leave any comments/feedback!

Moment of truth and dance-off

Here comes another tense couple of minutes!

Yet another poor decision by the audience, but I think that’s just signed Richard’s death knell.

So Craig up first with the Tango, and again an uncomfortable looking start – needs to work on the upper body, specifically the frame, and also to lead with the body and not the arms.

Still think that, barring a significant improvement from earlier on, Richard will be going out 4-0.

Richard’s timing’s definitely better this time around, and still enjoying himself in his hitchhiker moment.

Not enough of an improvement however, and hands really need to be facing toward the floor rather than straight ahead.


So combined leaderboard is as follows:

1. 65 points – Ricky & Natalie
2. 61 points – Zoe & James
3. 55 points – Laila & Anton
4. 51 points – Phil & Katya
5. 50 points – Natalie & Vincent
6. 44 points – Craig & Flavia
7. 38 points – Richard & Lilia
8. 36 points – Jo & Brendan

As said earlier I do think Jo will be in the bottom two, and actually I think Richard will join her. Out of the two it’s hard to say who i’d pick, I think the dance-off will decide it.

Although I don’t agree with the level of points that Ricky received both tonight and last night, I think he would probably still be top – and that’ll please a lot of ladies out there.

I suppose everyone knows the results by now so I won’t ask for peoples comments just yet!

Ricky Whittle & Natalie Lowe – Rumba

Hitchhiker! That’s the word I was thinking of, still not good i’m afraid though Richard.

So, the girl’s favourite is up next, and starts by flashing the torso to his fans!

Nice hip action but needs to sort the shoulders out – makes him look uncomforable.

Really good lines however and the only partnership to utilise the slightly faster/sharper Rumba speed.

Overall a good Rumba but only worth a 7 I’d say.

Richard Dunwoody & Lilia Kopylova – Cha Cha

I do think that could be the last time we see Jo (aside from the dance-off), as I’m not sure she’s popular or well-known enough to get the audience vote.

Richard’s shoulder injuries, and unfortunately obvious lack of rhythm, could be his failing in this Cha Cha – but at least he’s trying hard.

Seriously out of time i’m afraid Richard, but at least you’re enjoying yourself! Shame the hips are only showing an appearance now and then. Really not sure about the thumb-to-shoulder dance step.

Definitely tried hard but I think this will be a 5.

Zoe Lucker & James Jordan – Rumba

I’m afraid I really don’t think Laila’s dance was worth a 7 Len, but everyone else agreed with my 6.

Zoe struggled during the week with the sensual side of the dance so will be interesting to see how she copes with the pressure of a live performance.

Needs to round her hip action out a little more, but not a bad start and a good performance all round, very intimate acting at the end.

Best performance so far and I think this could get 8’s, maybe a 7.

Laila Rouass & Anton du Beke – Cha Cha

Aside from a slight mistake last night, their Tango was good last night, so i’m hoping for good things with their Cha Cha.

Cheeky start, slight mistake with her timing creeping in and I don’t think the judges will be so forgiving this time.

No real hip movement of life in the dance, probably lost all confidence with her early mistakes.

Predicted a 7 but think this will only manage a 6 at best.

Craig Kelly & Flavia Cacace – Rumba

During the week Craig’s hips and arms weren’t quite working in sync, let’s see if a couple of days more of practice have helped.

Needs to have a fot transition between moves with the hands at the start, improved by the time he gets to the cucarachas.

No real connection or emotion in the dance between them though. Predicted a 6 and I think that’ll be it.